Video: #YEAROFRETURN: Government has failed Ghanaians – Shattawale reveals

Video: #YEAROFRETURN: Government has failed Ghanaians – Shattawale reveals

The Year Of Return is an initiative launched by the government of Ghana with the main idea of encouraging Africans abroad to come to Africa.

This was formally launched by the president of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo Addo on September 2019 at a program in the Washington D.C which was organized for Africans Diaspora.

It was at this event that the president made a request to the Africans abroad to come come home to Africa (specifically Ghana ).

In response to the presidents request, there are some of these African Americans who has paid a visit to Ghana and other African countries. Some of these African Americans are Idris Elba, Kofi Kingston, Boris Kodjo, Steve Harvey and still counting.

A Ghanaian dance-hall artist who is popularly known as Shattawale in an interview with a Ghanaian based television (UTv Ghana) said the government of Ghana has failed Ghanaians promoting the Year Of Return hear in Ghana.

He said the government has failed to educate Ghanaians on the Year Of Return. He mentioned that there are most people in the country who has no idea about this celebration.

According to the sensational Dance-hall artist, everyone in the country should benefit from this celebration and it shouldn’t be limited to a particular group of people.

“we’ve failed to educate our country on this Year Of Return, I don’t see anything going on. I feel the government has failed to educate the people. When there’s a celebration in a particular country it’s everywhere. You go to hotels people are talking about it and banners will be everywhere on street’s, but Ghana is still the same, nothing shows there’s Year Of Return.” He said

He further on added the government shouldn’t fail to educate the people whenever there’s a celebration like this. To him, it shouldn’t be limited to a particular group but should go down to the root, everyone should have a feel of it as a citizen.


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