Kontihene explains how he escaped a dreadful car accident.

Kontihene explains how he escaped a dreadful car accident.

Emmanuel Nana Appiah Boateng, a Ghanaian hiplife musician who is professionally know as kontihene narrates how he survived a dreadful car accident.

According to the rapper in an Instagram post, he said he had a dream where he saw a woman who was chasing him in the dream.

In his reaction to the dream, he said he quickly called all the men of God who have been praying for him to help him in prayer’s.

The “aketesea” hit maker added that though the dream he had appeared physical but he escaped it.

“I had a dream few days ago, I saw this woman that I know and she was chasing me in the dream with two others. This revelation came around 4 am – I quickly gave her name out to all the prophets that God has surrounded me with. We fast and wage a warfare prayer. Just 7 days after the fast a strange woman chased me physically on a highway and cut in my lane. I wasn’t moved nor scared…

“I have escaped the fowler’s trap and the snare has been broken. Psalm 124:7 ????????????. I declare and degree as a Oracle of God, on this day, I exchange her soul for the evil scheme she’s been plotting against my life #kingdom”, he captioned this post on Instagram.

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