Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’: Rapper Asked Staff to Stop Having Sex While Working on Album

Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’: Rapper Asked Staff to Stop Having Sex While Working on Album

Kanye West one of the well-known hip-hop rappers in America is getting very candid about religion, sex and his belief in general after his total turn around. The rapper has expressed vivid interest in Christianity and is ever ready to take up the cross of Jesus Christ with be crucified with him.

In a recent interview about his new studio album dubbed “Jesus Is King”. The rapper allegedly asked his staff not to engage themselves in any sexual activities whilst working on his album. He believed it is a sin that ultimately goes against the primary motive of his album which is aimed at propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kanye also admitted that there were times when he would ask people working on his album to pray and fast for the project. Although this might sound too bizarre to listeners and readers. However, he believed that it would bring a sense of focus and also the prayers would cause people to take the message in good faith and repent from any form of sins they are engaged in.

He also believed that fasting and praying together concerning the Album would generate a power of the Holy Spirit that would cause people to get back to God’s track and ultimately fulfill the purpose for which God brought them on earth.

Although Kanye’s fans anticipated the release of his Jesus is King album on the 25th of October this year at midnight, there was a delay in the release of the track. This kept his fans in an impatient and anxious state. However, Kanye explained that the album still needed to be worked on that is why there was a delay.

This excuse from Kanye West raised a lot of eyebrows among fans and social media. Many asked, how can you ask us to fast and pray on an album and still come out to say that the track still needs to be worked on.

Upon all the critiques and setbacks, Kanye stood to his ground and reiterated that now that he has been called by God he is more focused on his spirituality and is going to work solely for God.

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