It is madness to stay on a woman for more than 30 mins.

It is madness to stay on a woman for more than 30 mins.

Men, if you spend more than 30 minutes having sex with a woman, then you should be considering visiting the psychiatric hospital one of these days for a mental examination, according to a man of God.

It is undoubtedly that most men under pressure to please and satisfy their partners sexually spend more than an hour in some cases having sex with them, thinking that is the best way to make a woman happy in bed.

But without mincing words, a Nigerian pastor has described the above mindset as total madness.

A video circulating online shows Oladele Ogundipe defining to his congregation how long good sex should last for, which elicited loud cheers and applause.

According to him, meaningful sex should not exceed five minutes, and once it does, it ceases to be called sex.

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Micheal Ofori Appiah

Micheal Ofori Appiah

Micheal Ofori Appiah is a fresh graduate at the University for Development Studies. Where he read Integrated Community Development. He is well vexed in all sorts of creative writing and public speaking. Micheal wishes to bring the world closer to ordinary individuals through news and updates sharing

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