I want to become Parliamentarian to help my people in the village – K. K. Fosu

I want to become Parliamentarian to help my people in the village – K. K. Fosu

K. K. Fosu has revealed his intentions of becoming a lawmaker in his constituency so that he can help the people within that vicinity.

The Ghanaian musician talking to Nana Akwasi Asare on Class Fm disclosed that parliamentarians always pay no heed to the needs of their people when they get to parliament.

He disclosed his intense of assuming the parliamentary seat of his constituency so he can address the needs of the people and help improve their lives.

According to the singer, the only best way his people can also enjoy better schools and roads is for him to earn a parliamentary Power.

Fosu explained: “I want to go to Parliament and help my poor people in my village and those out there, I mean the youth especially. When people get to Parliament, they neglect their constituents. They don’t help them at all, so we need to take the job into our hands now. The best way to build schools and roads is for me to go to Parliament”.

K. K. Fosu furthermore disclosed that he is ever ready to contest for the parliamentary seat, hence it will take people by surprise.

According to him, he is working very hard with his team underground to make his dream possible.

“K.K Fosu and his team are very prepared, I will take people by surprise, we are working underground, people should watch out,” he said.

According K. K. Fosu he is not going to contest in the name of any political party, hence he is going as an independent candidate.

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