I never disrespected Stonebwoy in any way – Kelvynboy

I never disrespected Stonebwoy in any way – Kelvynboy

The immediate former member of the Burniton Music group and also the backing vocalist of stonebwoy has come out to say that, he never disrespected Stonebwoy in any way as many critiques see it to be.

Many social media users believe that it was because of the insubordination of Kelvynboy that caused him to be sacked from the Burniton Music Group. From allegations that Kelvynboy refused to go on Shuga Tour with stonebwoy through to him changing his social media handles to a different name was a serious sign of disrespect.

Many think that Kelvynboy was nobody until he met Stonebwoy who practically trained him to become who he is right but because of stardom and celebrity pressure, Kelvynboy now believes himself to be capable therefore disrespects his manager Stonebwoy.

A reply from Kelvynboy also caused a rise in eyebrows. He emphatically stated that, it was an act of insubordination that caused him to leave Burniton music group however, it was just the end of his contract with the music group that’s why he left.

With the above statement, many also inquire that any record label would love to renew the contract of all artists who are doing well. So why did the management decide to let him go?

There did he reply that many people see him to be an underground artist that is why he left the music group. But I don’t see myself as underground although many people think as such.

I don’t believe there is an underground artist here in Ghana and even in the music industry.

He made this statement during his interview with one of the popular entertainment journalist named Sammy Baah Flex on Zylofon FM.

During the interview, Sammy flex inquired of the presence of Kelvynboy in the music, he made the emphasis on there being A list artists, B list artists, and many others.

However, Kelvynboy believed that it is not necessary to call some artists as underground because if an artist like Freda Rhymz is nominated for Grammy Awards, We would not say that she is underground so she should not go for the awards.

In his own statement, the word underground is just a means for discouraging artists and keeping them below. He also emphasized that he would hold his ground to prevent himself from being discouraged from doing what is right for himself.

He believes there are legends in the music industry alright. The necessary respect is given out to them however, that is not a means to manipulate the shining of other artists. If an artist is in class one, he or she will, by all means, progress to class two and get more fans.

Many people believed that Kelvynboy should have being patient to be ordained by his boss Stonebwoy and his act of insubordination caused him to be sacked from the Burniton Music group.

It is not as though impatient or disrespectful but it was a contract that ended between my management and Burniton Music group. I was never insubordinate to Stonebwoy or any of the top management team.

Peace out.

Micheal Ofori Appiah

Micheal Ofori Appiah

Micheal Ofori Appiah is a fresh graduate at the University for Development Studies. Where he read Integrated Community Development. He is well vexed in all sorts of creative writing and public speaking. Micheal wishes to bring the world closer to ordinary individuals through news and updates sharing

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